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Meet the Boss: Owner of B. Moore Fishing Company

Meet the Boss: Owner of B. Moore Fishing Company

Fishing has always been more than just a pastime for me; it's a
lifelong passion that runs in my blood. I can trace my connection to
the water back to my early childhood when my grandparents decided to
move to a place nestled beside a serene lake. I was only two years old
at the time, and little did I know that this lake would become the
backdrop to countless memories and a lifelong love affair with

As a young child, I began my fishing journey in the most traditional
way – bream and bluegill fishing from the bank with a simple cane pole
and live worms. Those were the days when the thrill of feeling a tug
on the line and the anticipation of what you might pull from the
depths of the water made every fishing trip an adventure.

Growing up, I had the privilege of traveling with my grandparents
during school breaks, and the one constant in our vehicle was a
fishing pole and a tackle box. It didn't matter where we were headed;
if there was water, I was ready to cast my line. I could spend hours,
from the early light of dawn to the soft glow of dusk, casting and
reeling in, time and time again.

As I grew older, my uncle became a significant influence in my fishing
journey. Evenings were reserved for bass fishing adventures with him.
We shared some memorable days when the bass were schooling, seemingly
in a competition to outdo one another. It didn't matter what lure you
threw into the water – if it was moving, the bass would strike. But my
personal favorite was when I had a plastic frog or a paddle tail
dancing over thick vegetation, and a bass would suddenly break the
surface to inhale it. The adrenaline rush from those encounters fueled
my passion for the sport of fishing.

Around 13 years ago, my uncle extended a unique invitation that would
change the trajectory of my fishing journey. He asked me to be his
tournament travel partner. It was an opportunity I couldn't refuse,
but it meant making a little investment into better fishing gear. As
any angler knows, fishing rods can be expensive, and I was on a
budget. I began collecting an assortment of rods, often snagging them
during sales. Over a few years, I found myself with a collection of
five different rods.

As time went on, I was fortunate to secure a rod sponsorship. It was
during this period that I realized the critical importance of having
the right rod for the specific lure you were using. It was an
eye-opening experience. Different types of fishing require different
power and action characteristics in a rod, and it became evident that
my collection of rods, while varied, wasn't always the best fit for
the job.

Two years ago, I made a decision that marked a significant step in my
fishing journey. I resolved to bring the best line of Bass fishing
rods to the market, ensuring they were both high-quality and
affordable. We designed our own rod blanks, combining carbon and glass
to create rods that were not only strong but also incredibly
lightweight. Our one-piece insert-less guides ensured a seamless
experience for anglers, and we developed lure-specific rods with names
that perfectly matched their purpose.

Today, B. Moore Fishing Company proudly offers a line of fishing rods
that have been meticulously designed to enhance your angling
experience. Our commitment to affordability and quality is at the
heart of everything we do. Our affiliate website, Bass Angler Depot, is your
gateway to finding a perfect fishing rod that suits you style and help you make the most of your time on the water.

In sharing this story, it's clear that my passion for fishing is more
than just a hobby; it's a way of life. It's a journey that has been
shaped by the waters, the camaraderie of family, and the pursuit of
excellence in angling. The B. Moore Fishing Company is not just a
brand; it's a promise to fellow anglers that we're here to support
your own fishing dreams and make every day on the water a memorable

So, to all the anglers out there, may your lines always be tight and
your fishing adventures filled with the exhilaration of a big catch.
Here's to the next chapter in the story of B. Moore Fishing Company,
and to many more angling memories waiting to be made

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